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Followthe interactive iSTEP Action Planand track your progress as you go!

Then, refer to the resources below to guide you through theiSTEPsof success!


iSTEP is a new toolkit to help YOU – as an international student - start preparing for life after you graduate, starting as early as your arrival at 91 or NOW. Take the next step in your life prep path today!

During your career preparation process, Career Planning Services (CaPS) will also be an invaluable resource!

Step 1

Step I: Laying Foundations

  1. Discovering academic interests
  2. Getting involved & creating experiences
  3. Expanding language & professional skills
  4. Identifying job searching tools
step 2

Step II:Internships & Jobs

  1. Exploring careers
  2. Preparing for your first application
  3. Embarking on your firstjob
  4. Securing essential documents
step 3

Step III: FinalYear Checklist

  1. Creating targeted applications
  2. Networkingand building connections
  3. Identifying professional orders
  4. Completing essentialdocuments
step 4

Step IV: After Graduation

  1. Knowing your rights as a worker in Canada
  2. Adapting to Quebec working environment
  3. Discoveringexternal resources available
  4. Completing essentialdocuments

Business Start-Ups & Self-Employment​

Know the basics of business start-ups in Quebec

reverse culture shock

Reverse Culture Shock

Learn what isreverse culture shockandhowtocopewith it.

If you have questions about the program, please contact us at events.iss [at] mcgill.ca

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