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COVID-19 Immigration Resources

Please review the official government resources below before reviewing the FAQs. Many answers to your questions can be found on Immigration Canada's and Immigration Quebec'sɱٱ.

The COVID-19 measures introduced by the Government of Canada, including those affecting travel to Canada, can change from day to day. It is important to keep up to date with these changes by consulting official government websites (links below) regularly.It is possible that the measures in place right now may not be the measures that will be in place in the coming days or weeks. For example, measures related to travel could be more or less restrictive moving forward.

Quick Reference Guide for International Students:

Immigration Guidelines:

  • This site provides answers to questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting things like your ability to travel and the processing of immigration applications. See the quick reference guide above for information on the most relevant topics for international students.

Heath and Safety Guidelines:

  • (COVID-19: Travel restrictions, exemptions and advice)

*List of resources will be updated regularly

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